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Right time for a reality cheack.

Before the season kicked off who would have been happy for us to finish somewhere in the top ten and satisfied with top half?

Before kick off yesterday who would have been happy with a draw away at Reading?

Many things happened in that game. I always say that I like to see consistancy in a referee above anything else. If he sees one tackle as a foul, that he sees another similar tackle as a foul as well.

People that are suggesting that the ref wasn''t bad appart from that ''one'' decision need to think again. He was incredibly inconsistant, there were worse fouls given during the game which saw no more than yellows.

What the FA need to understand is that just because he is young does not mean he should be pushed up quickly, and that the last thing they need to do is throw a young prospect referee onto a sky game where every part of his decision making is going to be under the spotlight and replayed close up in slo-mo HD! Give him a couple of seasons, some of the big fixtures away from the cameras and then step him up. He clearly is not ready for Prem football, on that showing he would be sending people off every game.

Yes you could say we buckled in the second half but we had to change our set up as it wasn''t working.

What I think we need to take into account is that for the first half we were pure class and all over Reading. Holt was on fire, Chrissy was back in form and isn''t it good to have someone who can take a direct free kick? All I want is for Holt to be cleared and for the team to go into the next game where they left off in the first half. Do that and we will start kicking on again as there wont be many teams that wont be put under the kosh by that sort of performance.

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