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More than one site. If you go on any refereeing site there appears to be a big feature/profile on Mr Oliver who is the great young up and coming ref it appears.

If you go on the Referees Association website which i think is the "official" ref site there''s even a story about how he did a presentation to referees at a recent conference called "how to manage a premier league event."

All these interviews, features etc just show why these t**ts become such jumped up little idiots. They think they are celebrities in their own right. It was epitimised by the way Graham Poll become something of a celebrity and his "columns" in the sun offer a very clear insight into why he was cr*p as he makes it clear his decisions were often influenced by which players were involved and how to "manage" games rather than simply applying the rules. When i was a kid yes you knew the refs names but that was about it.

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