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Player Ratings

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Ruddy - 7. Made some brilliant saves in second half to keep us in game but positioning for first goal was off.

R Martin - 6.5. Felt we would have done better if we used him more for crosses, coped well with little cover in front of him.

Barnett - 6. Defended well but distribution was awful.

Askou - 5. Very rusty but got better as the game went on but we definetly (sp?)missed Ward and his distribution.

S Smith - 7.Felt like he did the work of three plyers tonight, had no protection from Lappin and also had to cover for Askou often.

Crofts - 6.5.Broke up playwell (as usual) but passing was lacklustre.

K Smith - 4. Poor lad was awful tonight in my eyes. Constantly gave the ball away and always made the wrong decisions but fully expect him to bounce back Saturday.

Lappin - 5.5. One of his off days. Needs to be more attacking.

Hoolahan - 6. Felt that all the players were relying on him for a bit of magic and always played him in when surrounded by Palace players when there were better options out wide.

Holt - 7. Good to see old Holt back. Great goal and harried their defence throughout.

Jackson - 7. Gave Palace''s defence plenty of problems with his skill and pace. Pretty much secured his place in starting line-up. Hit crossbar with a thundering shot early on.


C Martin - 6. Held his own.

McNamee - 6.5. Was barely used but came close to scoring twice and whipped in a couple of dangerous balls.

Johnson - N/A.


Overall poor performance tonight especially in midfield but fully expect us to bounce back Saturday.

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Ruddy 6
R Martin 6
Barnett 8
Askou 5
S Smith 6 (ish)
K Smith 5
Crofts 7
Hoolahan 6.5
Lappin 5
Holt 5
Jackson 7

McNamee 6.5 (ish)
Martin 6 (ish)
Johnson N/A


I think you''ll find the above is correct.

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I''d have put Askou on the same as Korey, at a 4, as both were dreadful. I''m also going to have to disagree about Holt. He was absent for the most part. Yes, he chipped in with his goal, but his work rate wasn''t there and his effort wasn''t there. We missed him tonight.

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Ruddy - 7 - played well, not really to blame for either goalsR. Martin - 6 - Fairly decent, made good runs and a couple of good crosses, not a bad performanceJBA - 4.5 - had a nightmare I felt, but maybe because he hasn''t played in so long?Barnett - 6.5 - I love him. Sign if we can afford.S.Smith - 6 - Fairly average, would much rather have Drury though.Crofts - 7 - Just for his first half, thought he went a bit missing in the second half, and we lost our fight.Korey - 5 - Had a poor game, will bounce back however.King of Spain - 6 - Okay, not the best I have seen him.Hoolahan - 6 - Wasn''t the best performance by Wes, however when he did have the ball he tried to create somethingHolt - 7 - Good too see Holty on the score-sheet again, more of that please Mr. Holt, keep it up.Jackson - 7 - what a belter early on! if only that had gone in! his pace caused problems, Martin is going to have trouble getting his place back!SubsC Martin - 6 - Not too bad, probably wouldn''t have put him on the left though.McNamee - 6 - Looked very lively when he came on. Impressed.Johnson - Not much time to give a rating.Overall, I thought we had a very decent first half, and should have scored more in the first 45. However, the second half was dreadful. We missed Drury and Ward I feel.OTBC

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