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Morisons Prozac

Player Ratings?

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Ruddy 8

Martin 7

Smith 6

Ward 7

Barnett 7

Smith 7

Crofts 8

Hoolahan 8

Lappin 6.5

Holt 5

Jackson 5


McNamee 5

Martin 4

Johnson 5

We played superbly in the 1st half, but looked disinterested in the 2nd, the difference in the 2 sides was finishing, Jacksons was woeful to say the least, not too disheartened tho

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As its all about opinions here''s my votes for the team today

Ruddy - 9

Martin - 6

Smith - 7

Ward - 6

Barnett - 8

Smith K - 5

Crofts - 8

Hoolahan - 8

Lappin - 5

Holt - 5

Jackson - 4


Mcnamee - 5

Martin - 4

Johnson - 4

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Ruddy -7Martin -6S.Smith -7Ward -6Barnett- 6K.Smith - 6Lappin - 6Crofts - 7Hoolahan - 7Jackson - 5Holt - 6Subs:McNamee - 6C.Martin - 6Johnson - 5

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I think people were in a different game to me. I asked a lot of the Cardiff fans about who they thought played well for Norwich and they named the following as their top 3. Wes, Crofts, Holt.

Now Holt did drop off in the 2nd half, he did get kicked a bit and got nothing from the ref, but 1st half, he really was a handful for them. Maybe because I was in the home end, I saw more of his 1st half play.

Ruddy 7

Martin 6

S Smith 6.5

Ward 6

Barnett 6

K Smith 6

Lappin 6

Crofts 7

Hoolahan 7

Jackson 5.5

Holt 6.5


McNamee - didn''t see enough of the ball when he came on - big shame because their left back was shocking! 5.5

C Martin - I''m a fan but he couldn''t be bothered after coming on 5

Johnson - didn''t know what he was supposed to be doing by the looks of things 5

As for how we played - very impressed 1st half. The penalty came at the right time to kill the game unfortunately but the general consensus was that had it of been 2-2 at half time, the fans would have had no complaints. 2nd half wasn''t good. But we definitely scared the home fans, and the general chat afterwards was that Norwich would be playoffs definitely come May. We MUST be able to defend corners though. They only had a few and looked like scoring everytime!!!

A big shout out to the Norwich support by the way. A season ticket holder next to me said that it was the largest away support of the season!

Oh and HUGE Kudos for the applause from the Norwich fans when Bellamy came over to take his corner. The whole ground applauded the away fans for that.

I found he Cardiff fans to be a very amiable lot. At least 20 knew I was a Norwich fan and I only knew 2 of them, but they were nothing other than respectful......with a bit of banter.

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Very well summed up, i think you summarized that superbly, my mark of 5 was a bit harsh on Holt on reflection as the 1st half he was excellent, 2nd half he was very poor, mybe was worn out by then but still not many teams will pass them off the park like that on their own turf.....

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Agree with Muddy''s summary - we were the better side for large parts of the first half and competed well in the second. To be honest I thought we were very unlucky in the first half but lucky not to concede again in the second. It was good to see a player of Bellamy''s class but he contributed little to the game, fortunately for us.

Wes was outstanding, Holt played a good scrum-half role and Crofts once again put in a great performance. What was wrong with Chrissy Martin FFS?? I''m a big fan of his but he just didn''t look up for it at all.

My ratings:

Ruddy - 8 (some great saves)

R Martin - 7 (should have done better for first goal)

S Smith 5.5 (looked out of his depth at times)

Ward - 6 (Nothing special)

Barnett 6.5 (Couple of excellent challenges)

Crofts 7 (Worked hard)

Lappin 6 (Ditto)

K Smith 5 (Looked really jaded)

Holt 7 (Should try and stay on his feet more)

Hoolahan 9 (Skipped around Cardiff players)

Jackson 6.5

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