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Some thoughts from an exile

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Have been out of England for the last year and a bit, my match days are usually limited to Canaries player so was a welcome change to have the stream available on Bet365. I didn''t appreciate the KO time (9am) as usual but that can''t be helped!Thought we looked pretty tidy today. After years of weak, limited midfields, I was really impressed today. As a unit, Crofts, Smith and Lappin have so much energy, the amount of ground they cover, blocks they put in was exceptional. Even playing the diamond, we rarely looked out numbered in midfield. The defence also looked like an excellent unit. Drury, how is this guy not in the hall of legends? Superb, cannot fault him whatsoever, hope the injury isn''t too bad. Ward looks like an excellent player, alongside Barnett they had most of QPR''s attacks under control which judging by their GD isn''t so bad. Based on today''s performance, I''d like to see us sign Barnett but obviously £££ comes in to play, hope we find some. Finally Martin and Ruddy, judging by the threads not the most popular players but impressed me today. Martin defends well, gets forward. If a little unspectacular would seem to me that some of the criticism is slightly unfair. Ruddy, solid hands today. Obviously has made a few mistakes but I don''t think he should be written off on this alone. All in all, defence looks good.On to attack, shame for Wes but it was a terrible penalty which is odd as his others had been so accomplished. Maybe the situation got the better of him? That said, I''ve a lot of time for him. Maybe guilty of over doing it but he''ll score and create goals from taking a gamble which i''d take over a safety player any day. Holt, not seen a lot of him live obviously, but wish he would stick in the center of the pitch and stop trying to be everywhere and fight everyone! Appreciate he probably has to put a bit extra in the channels with it being a diamond but I think we''re losing his presence where it matters when he''s on the wing. Jackson looks a good buy to me though. Couple of times today we had some good breaks where his pace caused problems. The goals he''s scored so far suggest he can finish too. I don''t think we''re far off in attack, just that things haven''t totally clicked. Apologies for the long post, but I was really encouraged today. Good to see us playing football on the deck with a team, not 11 loanees/strangers. Probably too early to call how we''re going to do, but I would fancy our chances of play-offs and promotion this year based on today.COYY

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