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QPR vs Norwich

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I played in a 14 hole golf competiton today so was unable to listen to radio norfolk and I was so pleased when I walked in the club house afterwards and final score was on and we had got a point and Ipswich lost!

From what I have read on here and on match reports on other sites it sounds like we played pretty well and we stopped QPR from creating a lot of chances.  But I would just like to ask a few questions to people who listened to the radio or went to the game who are back already.  Did we sit back and just simply stop them or did we go for it and have them under the cosh at times?  Also how well did we stop Taraabt from playing?  I read on a 606 thread that Crofts did a good job on him.  Did any player in particular have a really good game or was it just an all round good team performance?

So pleased with todays result and bring on Palace!

Thanks in advance[:)] 

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