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Re: Own Up!!

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[quote user="Graham Humphrey"][quote user="zemas tendon"]Im taking some flares to QPR... 22inch bell bottom jeans!![/quote]Every time I read one of your posts my faith in humanity dies a little more.[/quote]Posts like this aren''t posted by humans, per say, Graham. More a peculiar surfical fungi that grows on computers, and has consequently gained a basic grasp of technology, and has, quite stunningly infact, acquired an understanding of language, with a vocabulary that allows it a kind of fluency in it''s speech and other communicatory mediums akin'' to that of an infant.Unfortunately this fungi is a fast growing one, and one of the self-acclaimed worldwide leading forums in the WACCOE is said to be on the brink of collapsing as a result of the amount of dumbfounded inane discourse it churns out.Recent studies seem to indicate that if modern trends continue the prospect of engaging in decent intellectual and erudite debate could have diminished completely by 2015.A ''freak'' zamas tendon is, some might say. A ''freak of nature'' more so.(Sorry for drifting off into a tangent, been watching a bit of Attenborough on the ol'' ''iPlayer'')

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