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Lappin and Hoolahan

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I thought both were absolutely awesome for us yesturday. The thing that stood out for me was their work rate. They both worked there socks off and looked very determined. There link up was very good, espeically down the left wing. Lappin''s crossing and set pieces caused constant threat for Hull, and you could tell they were really worried by that. It''s probably the best I have seen them both play for a long time. Hoolahan is back to his best and that was one of the best performances Lappin has played for us, and maybe even thee best. He looked a real top quality player. I did doubt him in the past as an attacking threat, wanting McNamee to be given a chance in the starting line up. But since Doncaster, he has definitely done enough to keep his place in the side whilst Surman is injured. If he keeps it up he might even not get back into the side straight away.

Also a small mention about Leon Barnett who had another very good performance. Strong at the back, composed and tidy. I hope we can make him a permanent signing, I can''t see them wanting to keep him considering how well West Brom are doing at the moment.

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