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[quote user="Willmeister"][quote user="Wembley_Canary"]Have they turned on each other and started calling everyone a c*** yet?[/quote]Yes.[/quote] Lol so predictable are those northern monkeys.

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This thread is titled: Thanks a lot Simon.....for f**king it up.What the hell is he thinking end of first half, 4-2 up , and Preston run

all over us. Why doesnt he change how we play half time then? We were

SCREAMING after a defensive midtfielder who could protect the back four.

Why did he bring in Faye? Not good enough for our club. Fuck off Simon.

I agree. Wrong substitutions, shocking team talk whatever he said at half time. Conceding 5 or more in a season twice.what a fucking shambles....4-1 up....4 fucking onethem nob ends that said parkin would cause collins all kinds of shitthey weren''t fucking wrong

So unbelievably shite.

Barnsley and donny then saturday and now this....we''re a fucking pub team!!!This

is how we''ll be all season.....just got a decent left back in and

Hughes isn''t good enough at RB and we should have brought one in...Anyway such as lifeIt sounds like they had somebody do what Kris Commons did to us on the first day. Grayson did nothing. Unforgivable.

Words cannot express how I am feeling. This is an awful result. Grayson

has to take the blame for this one, 4-1 letting Preston back in the game

and he does nothing. Will be hard to pick the players up after that.

What a complete cock up of a match.

Gutted. Absolutely gutted. You do not let a 4-1 goal lead at home like

that. You just don''t. This one''s gonna hurt purely because the 3 points

were in the bag.And as for the goals conceeded, its schoolboy

stuff. F*cking basic errors. I didn''t think we''d eclipse Barnsley so

soon but this is worse. Serious repercussions better happen from

this. It''s unexcusable. The GK and defence were shambolic but the

midfield did not do enough to protect our defence. How do you go from 2

clean sheets to that? I''m just shocked but gutted. We''d have been third

and flying and it feels like square one yet again.

I have rugby practice on a Tuesday night. The last two tuesday night

games I''ve done the same fucking thing. Got the shit kicked out of me

for an hour. Then run off to dig out the BBC football results on my

phone at the break (which usually coincides with the footy half time),

seen we''re up and felt happy. Then I run back to the training and get

the shit kicked out of me for the final 50 minutes or so. At the end

I''ve rushed back to the changing room, grabbed my phone and excitedly

refreshed the footie results, expecting us to have shit hammered the

other team. Against Barnsley I felt like I''d been kicked in the balls.

This time I nearly fucking puked.Can someone, please, elaborate on what the fuck happened tonight? For me, this happening is literally beyond my comprehension.

This is a small cross-section, if people want more let me know.

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[quote user="Willmeister"]Not that I can see so far, the website is very slow because there are thousands of users online.[/quote]Crying in there beer lmao

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[quote user="Willmeister"]I can''t believe it''s taken them this long to realise that Hughes isn''t really that good.

No wonder really as most of his games for them were in Div 1....[:D]

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I hope some of these fickle fans get what they want with Grayson getting sacked. How dare he get them promoted from league 1 and give them an otherwise respectable start to life in the Championship!

Hopefully the board will bring in Roeder as his replacement! :)

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