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mrs miggins

ruddy awful

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Sorry but everytime the ball went near him after the cock up my heart was in my mouth and I was very nervous. I personally would give Rudd a chance against Bristol City.


But didnt you feel like that with Forster after Leeds last year? I did! Look how he turned out....

I was really impressed with how handle the pressure after the initial c*ck up. He took some really difficult catches and made a couple of great saves.


I thought Ruddy coped with his mistake admirably. I think it''s the way Greeno has failed to cope with his that have stopped him being a truely great keeper. Ruddy got on with the game confidently and had almost certainly shut out the blunder. Greeno appears to live his past mistakes each new game. Just watch him looking for Johnson behind him every time he puts the ball down. Yes we want Ruddy to stop making mistakes but it helpos that he can shut them out and get on with the game.




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