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what is the best attendance of the season so far and will we ever beat it before the corner is opened because every single game it is never over 24,700 or thereabouts so can we beat it please?

Perhaps the best attendance will come when the win does!

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This season

C Palace 23,717

Arsenal: 23,944

A Villa : 23,805

Pompey: 23,853

Everton: 23,871

Blackburn:  23,834

So Arsenal is the winner. The capacity is approximately 24,369 but I''m told 200-230 seats are taken out for segregation and then whatever allocation the away team has taken and what amount turns up on the day. In the home areas it always sold out but on the day sometimes people don''t make it for whatever reason and there seat remains left during the game but obviously at the mo with the always sell out and pratically a very few hundred away from the capacity max this is few and far in number.


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