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Normann Canary

"I think my dad's a closet binner"

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My dad''s never been into sport, he was a bit of a nerdy, born in Poxford boy... always into books... readin and stuff as a younger man... now he''s a teacher Both my parents are, which could help to explain why I''m so disturbed(mentally)

Anyway, we all live in Aussie now, and as much as I try to get him into football he just drifts away... into the "I''m not listening to you world", which is kinda sad for me, but I''m not gonna cry about it.. hold on... where''s me bloody snot rag...

Anyways... over the years, I''ve manged to get "two word" replies out of him on the odd occassion, but not long ago... whilst hailing him with endless banter of Norwich City''s current plight... he muttered the words... sorry to say it but... "The B*dgies"...

I near fell off me seat!!! My own father, the man that raised me from birth... A BINNER all these years... needless to say, I went to check my birth certificate straight away!!

Does anyone else out there have "family" members that are Ipps fans?? I mean how do you cope with it? I felt like I was hit by a brick... here''s a perfectly normal man, sitting in front of me... and he''s a closet binner all this time... before this, I''d just thought that all binners were freaks...

Has anyone ever married one "of them"... I don''t know if I could... I mean I know all that stuff about "true love" conquers all... and... well... but a downtown lass...????

DOES THIS MEAN I''M A BINNER BY BIRTH?? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... I''ll never be able to show my face around the city again...

I''ll just have to sing this repeatedly for the next 20 years non stop... to cleanse thyself...

I''m City til I die,
I''m City til I die,
I know I am,
I''m sure I am,
I''m City til I die,

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