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My Match Ratings from yesterday

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Ruddy - 7 He had very little to do all game, caught a couple of cross shots very well and never really looked like conceeding with the exception of the chance that hit the bar. The main concern yesterday was similar to FF, his distribution was poor, yes the third goal was some quick thinking but it could have been done time and time agin prior to that, but that''s an aside, more often than not the ball was sent to Jackson or Wes instead of Holt (maybe this was done with a view to Holt winning the second ball) but even when he was aiming for Holt he often over hit it. He had a fine game just some food for thought.

Martin - 8 Russell was exceptional, he was bombing up and down the line when he had to deal with Campbell Ryce (who destroyed us for Barnsley) he did so comfortably. Good crossing and generally a handful going forward dragging players left and right to develop space for the midfield, solid game

Elliot - 7 Didn''t really notice him all game which I suppose shows a good game

Ward - 8 A cracking game for Ward I don''t think any of the strikers got past him and in the 90th minute from a Brizzle corner he made it from box to box and probably should have scored

Smith - 6/7 He was left exposed in the only real criticism of the team. He made some good tackles and passes, but is clearly unfit and mistimed a few as well and didn''t offer as much going forward as Drury but for a first league start and on the road to recovery was a fine display.

Crofts - 8 Another fine game by Crofts fast looking a PoS in the making, his work rate and anticipation are something we''ve not had since a certain Holt in the middle

Smith - 8 A solid game his passing and probing was excelptional all game he was offering an option in attacks

Wes - 9 MOM Another exceptional game, the main criticism of the little wizard is he doens''t track well take a lok at yesterday he was everywhere, everytime he was on the ball you thought we''d get a decent chance

Lappin 7 - KoS had another solid game perhaps a 7 rating is testiment to how well he''s been playing, he had a chance late on that he should probably have done a little better with and he was the one I''d say was leaving Smith a little exposed, but his crossing and battling nature mean that even when Surman is fit again he''ll have to battle to get back into the squad

Jackson - 9 Took both goals exceptionally well and was a real handful all game, he was chasing balls down and forcing errors all afternoon. Now looking match fit we''re starting to see what he can offer

Holt - 7/8 Still not fully fit but getting better every game, I think the break is just at the tright time for him as he has hit match touch in and can just get on wtih working on his cardio in training. He had the centre half (the ex Yeovil one who''s name escapes me) in his pocket all afternoon, there seemed to be a bit of trying to get Holt on the scoresheet which probably prevented us from adding to the 3 but he was solid enough and looks to getting back to noraml


Fox - 6 Probably not match fit and didn''t offer much, stand out memory of him was him giving the ball away

Martin - 7 Battled hard, normal Chirs Martin performance really


Bristol were poor but started the better, once the first goal went in they never really threatened. Bristol pumped many a ball into our box and had loads of corners but were toothless upfront and our midfield really bossed the game.

Think it was a bit naive to be chanting "going up up up" we''ve had a fantastic start to the season and some will point to the position of the opposition but you can only beat what''s in front of you, we have a very tough run coming up until the scum and scum games and if we''re still top 6 at the start of December then we can start to believe but for now enjoy us playing good football and looking like establishing ourselves in the league rather than battling in or around the bottom 3.

OTBC see you in London in a fortnight

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