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Looking Ahead

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Just looking ahead to next month''s fixtures and I feel if we can cary our momentum from our last 3 league games we can have a very good month. We face:

  • Barnsley (H)
  • Doncaster (A)
  • Preston (A)
  • Hull (H)
  • Leicester(H)

I think the home games are winnable after Hull and Leicester''s iffy start to the season, and Barnsley are very inconsistent. I wouldn''t say we are going to win the 3, but 2 wins are definitely do able. The away games don''t look too bad either. I think Donny will be a very tough game and I''d be quite happy to get a point, but Preston haven''t had a very good start to the season and that''s winnable.

Before the season, I''d say that September would be a very hard month, but given our good start we can really build on our start and keep up the good form and maybe even sitting in the play offs come October.

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