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Canary Ascent

I'm starting to believe in our team this year!

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[quote user="Canary Ascent"]Just thought I''d share as it is a message board after all. The diamond looked better on my preview!![/quote]

OK with me.

I more am happier about things at CR since the "Worthy Out" days. I joined in all this, but what happened after taught me a lesson. At least "negative Nigel" knew what he was about more than his three successors.

Everything is back to normal now. Decent squad, decent manager and I feel that we are rightfully placed ie. a strong Championship side who, with a fair wind, could once again aspire to greater things. IF Blackpool or Hull can, so can we.

Not to be over-hyped, I am just pleased that we are no longer a laughing stock and get respect from opposing managers and players again (Alladyce, Moyes and Earnie.)

I even like Delia again.

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