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[quote user="norfolkbroadslim"][quote user="First Wizard"]

Yeah, she''s at it again with her ''I Love Food'' article in the good old EDP.

Not a peep from her last year in League 1, but with City now playing well in a higher league, with a bigger profile, out she crawls seeking yet more publicity.

I myself, had started to slowly trust her, but then she reverts to form.

Debt, 2 relegations, Peter Grant, Roder, Gunn and Mr Twitter, thats her true legacy!



Wizard, oh mighty senile one.  You, Sir are talking out of your sphincter.

No, not a peep from Delia in League One, er, remind me when did Delia sign her biggest deal in years??


I''ll remind you.  Last year, when we were in League One Delia signed a deal with Waitrose -



I don''t normally defend Delia, quite the opposite in fact as some will confirm on here.  But when someone talks sheite out of their backside, to put someone down, then that really p155es me off[:@][:@]


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I love Delia, always have. We all make bad decisions at times, hindsight yada yada....


Though I think you need to get a life when it comes to reacting to such posters, he''s a twat, thats all. Every one of us is a twat to someone, so no big deal.


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