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After March 16th, How will it look?

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I think that Wigan,West Ham and West Brom will be fighting it out for that 2nd place spot,with Wigan having the edge and this how I think the next few fixtures will pan out,do you agree

WBA [H] 3pts
Ipsw [H] 3pts
Cardiff [A] 1pt
Gilling [H] 3pts
= 10pts

Gilling [A] 1pt
Crewe [H] 3pts
Bradford [A] 3pts
= 7pts

West H:
Burnley [A] 3pts
Walsall [H] 3pts
Wbldon [H] 3pts
Sdland [A] 0pts
= 9pts

Will leave the top looking like this on the 16th March with 10 games to go, I think

Norwich played 36 = 73 pts
Wigan played 36 = 64pts
W/Brom played 36 = 63 pts
W Ham played 36 = 61 pts

I agree with the wise Wizard that Wigan will clinch the 2nd spot but what do you think,do you think I''ve called these games right lets have your opinions?

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we should win all our home matches, and after tuesday it will take the other teams with a hell of a lot to do to catch us, after all most of our top six contender matches are at home so we definately have advantage

i personally think we can sneak a win at cardiff too :-)

but the final points tally looks good though, let''s hope you are right, optimistic to the end, as usual

how many goals will hucks be on after all those games then lol

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Not sure what happened to my post, as the way it has been posted on the board is not the way I submitted it(I kept a copy).Also I had put whether it was a home or away fixture against each game and they''ve all dissappeared but one.
Shame but I guess you''ll still get my drift.

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For some reason the message board thread display doesn''t like A and H in rounded brackets (although I can see them if I use the editing page). This is strange and can''t say we''ve noticed it happening before - I will investigate. In the meantime I''ve changed them to square brackets.

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to be honest i think you may be a little optimistic,i think a draw and a win from the west brom and ipswich games,either way round.if that happens,we should still be streets ahead.
before i get slated for being pesimisstic its surely better to be cautious

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