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The whole Bellamy thing....

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Now being the liberalist, guardian reading, go to the halequin Fayre type that I am, I''m trying to be subjective.  Obvoulsy it''s unfair for a club in debt, owing money to another club etc but at least Bellamy is on record as saying he would like to play there before he ended his carrer.  I think the real ramifications are on clubs like Man City.  I think Bellamy would have been capable of going to any premier league club this season and grabbing 20 odd goals.  The deal is Man City pay most of his wages and gets rid of a player who could have dealt them a blow in the capacity of another fellow premier league club and this is where football shoots itself.  Norwich are asking casual ticket payers £30 a ticket.  Bring your children your talking about a £150 day out at Carrow road.  You may wonder about the connection at this point regarding Bellamy and Man City, it''s simple.  Bellamy will still be paid a ridiculous sum of money by Man City yet Man Cities purpose is he won''t bother them anymore.  If you use that connection and ask what Cardiff supporters can pay, the Club couldn''t possibly affrod a player like him,At the basics of it all is wages.  At some point, the FA, football chairmans etc etc are going to have to realise football players wages are utterly ridiculous. ''We''re all in it together'' unless your creaming ridiculous amounts of money because it''s there and I don''t blame football players because who wouldn''t. Football is the supporters game, it''s ours.  We are the fans.  The system of paying football players ridiculous money needs to stop as it''s the very reason why a club like ours cannot and will never be able to compete in the Premier league. Rant over.  

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