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Mister Chops

Championship football - cost of tickets for each club

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Because I have no life any more, I thought I''d check the competition to see how much tickets cost.

Barnsley - £15-£25

Burnley - £26 all matches

Cardiff - £26-£32

Coventry - £18

to £29 for adults


Palace – Grade A £25-35, Grade B £20-30


- £27-33 (“Gold”, “Platinum” and “Platinum Plus” replace

C, B and A, so Derby v Barnsley is "Gold" [:D])


- £15-£28


- £30-£33


- £22-27


United - £18 to £25


- £21 to £28

Norwich top non-member prices - £23 (grade C) to £31 (grade A+)


also have higher prices for tickets bought “on the day”,

increasing by £2-3 per ticket.  The prices above are mixed, some are for members (add £2 for non-members) some are for non-members (deduct £2 for members - e.g. Norwich prices)

These are all Adult

ticket prices for this season. I got halfway through before getting

bored, but it shows that Norwich City are basically matching what other

clubs are doing.  In other words, it''s not Norwich City ripping you off,

it''s the football machine in general and we''re just keeping up.

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We have always had the ''family club'' status around us with our prices etc, which has been nice, but we need to get with the times and make the best profit possible without being the most expensive club,

Looking at all the other prices tells me we seem to be spot on with our prices,

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A good piece of work, thanks.

Whilst I don''t have the information at hand I wonder how we compare with other clubs re child ticket prices........

All I do know is that my 9 year old son went to watch Dull City yesterday and his ticket was £3.

This is where we need a re think, the family stand was almost empty yesterday.......

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