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I don''t pick my away matches very well this season - Liverpool and Charlton so far!

To begin with, a word of congratulations for our magnificent fans. Once again the home fans in this so called ''Premier'' League, were quieter than your average library other than the last few minutues when Charlton were cutting us apart on the break. Our support was so good that the Charlton announcer even congratulated us at the end and the home fans stood and applauded us!

We all know what a great job Worthy did in getting us promoted but, at the moment, serious questions need to be asked. I do not advocate sacking him, he deserves a lot more time to try and recitfy ''the situiation'' but we must not be blinded into unwavering support of the manager come what may.

BAD DECISION 1 - We had all this Hendo on the right wing business last season. IT DID NOT WORK (other than the superb cross he put over for Svennson against Forest on Boxing Day). 3 times he was taken off at half time because he was poor yet in his two appearances this season, Worthy is STILL playing him out of position. The fans are not deliberately taking it out on Hendo, it is their frustration at the managers bad decision and stubborness.

BAD DECISION 2 - Despite no win so far, Worthy has by no means given proper opportunities to all his squad. Jarvis - 1 sub. appearance on the bench, then totally disappeared. Shackell - 1 appearance, the usual rave reviews...''great prospect'' etc. then totally ignored again, Brennan - 1 appearance, Safri - a couple of appearances and because of one mistake at Liverpool has virtually disappeared as well, Helveg - only started 3 league games and Mulryne only 30 mins. football depsite being fit for the last 5 weeks!

BAD DECISION 3 - last year Worthy (quite rightly) put contract talks on hold until he knew which division we would be in - perfectly sensible. Why is it different this season? Fleming and Charlton are both 33 yet Fleming has been given a further 12 months extension, taking him until he''s almost 36! WHY?? Charlton has a 2 year contract with the option of a third year. WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT WORTHY''S REAL COMMITMENT TO SHACKELL. Will he still be kicking his heels in the reserves in 2 or 3 years when he''s 23!! Get real, he will be gone next summer unless he get''s first team football.  That would be an absolute tragedy but I honestly believe it will happen unless Worthy shows courage and faith in his younger players.

BAD DECISION 4 - ok all managers make duff signings from time to time but Worthys record this summer is pretty dreadful from what we have seen so far.

To buy a 3rd keeper was a complete waste of money. Joe Lewis should be used as back up.

Jonson - he was awful, truly awful against Man City and yesterday. How on earth anyone ever saw anything in him is beyond belief. I have yet to see him actually take anyone on and look dangerous. At least Rivo ran at full backs and always tried to beat his man.

Doherty - Worthy was going to play him as center half and then promptly gives him 5 or 6 games up front. He is absolutely no better than anything we already have as far as strikers are concerned but we remain to see what he can do at the back. He was publicly slagged off by worthy a couple of weeks back for his ''lack of fitness'' yet the next match was STILL on the bench!

Safri - £0.5M yet almost completely ignored so what are we to make of him?

By my reckoning that''s about £2M in transfer fees + god knows how much in wages. I leave others to assess the merits of these individuals (and / or the chances they have been given).

The last thing I would do is give Worthy ANY money at all in the January window, his recent record indicates he will only waste it again.

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