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Abuse Gary Holt

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I tell you guys I MUST blame him if Gary Holt really played poor, no matter he was my favourite player, but I mean, he did not really deserved any abuse from the Home fans when, the things are not going to our way!

I did not understand why the fans was "cheered" when he was sub by Mulyrne on Saturday. Okay we conceded 2 late goals maybe not because we didn''t have Holt in midfield, but I can also surely tell you: our passing was improved in the second half was only because we were already 2 nil down in the first half, also any teams in the world will take it easy and allow us to take the game to us.

I admit Gary Holt need a rest more than be dropped too since he will surely play another game for Scotland on this Wednesday Scotland, 3 days later to play a 90 minutes was asking too much about him!

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