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See this piece from Guardian Unlimited:

"Wednesday November 10, 2004

"Harry Bassett: a minor miracle in 1990-91

"What is the longest run without a win at the start of the season in the top flight?" asks Irfan Hussain, with one eye on Norwich City''s form.
Fear not Norwich fans: at 12 games and counting without a win, you''re still some way off setting any records in that department. The Sheffield United vintage of 1990-91 are still in there leading the way.

Having been promoted the season before, Dave Bassett''s side looked totally out of their depth, picking up just five points from their first 16 games before beating Nottingham Forest 3-2 on December 22. After that win, their star midfielder Vinnie Jones said that finishing fourth from bottom would be like winning the Championship.

Yet United finished safely in 13th - 12 points off relegation. In fact, they finished the season showing Championship form: ten wins and three draws from their last 16 games, including seven straight wins."

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