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silk purse & a sows ear!

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 is what worthy has to make if we are to stay in the prem. we only have in my opinion 4 premiership quality players & one of them is the keeper (we allways get good keepers) so the rest of the team with the exception of  huckerby, francis, & edworthy are good players but just not good enough to do the business in the premiership!

i dont think worthy can be blamed at all, he was given a next to nothing budget to work with so why he is all of a sudden a villian is beyond me. in any other sport he would be considered the underdog and everyone would be suprised if he managed to achieve even one win in a season!

i for one one hope that our board of directors stick with NW & that we as supporters realise that we have a manager that gives his all for this club



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