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Worthy or not?

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Questions I would love Worthy to answer;

When has anyone ever won 3points on a training pitch? Selecting a team solely on training performances is a farce, a disgraceful and short-sighted farce. Winners have the capacity to step up a gear, to rise to the occasion and offer something beyond their normal output. By selecting the consistent performers in training you get, er, consistent performances. Consistently not winning. Time for a change?

Helveg - where to start, erm, perhaps by giving him just that, a "start". How else do you expect to him to gel with the rest of the team. How else do you expect him to demonstrate why he is held in high esteem. How else is he supposed to justify his wages and reputation?

Henderson - why was he introduced to first team action when he is not ready. The boy is not physically up to the task of Premiership football and should be loaned out.

Edworthy - the loyalty aspect makes sense to me [he was part of the Div1 title winning side afterall], consistently picking him over Helveg requires explanation.

Man-management: Mulryne - One of our more talented players, everyone would agree. So why is he not in the squad (or is this training related)? If you don''t want to use him why is he still here?

Man-management: The Bentley incident - did you remind Bentley that if he is sent back by NCFC that is effectively his top-flight career over? If he doesn''t play again for us, he sure as hell won''t for the gooners and then what? An unproven, stroppy, big-time charlie with a high wage demand. Byebye

Man-management: McKenzie - a couple of weeks ago this was my biggest frustration, he''s getting his chance now, but why did it take you so long to realise that he needs games?

The Doc - I can see that he is a useful squad member to have [when you have a small squad] but why was he played up front? In no respect is he superior up front to McKenzie, Svensson, McVeigh, hell even Jonson or Jarvis.

Holt/Francis/Safri - Worthy, ask yourself this: Would Francis'' performances improve if Holt were omitted from the team. My guess is yes - he appears to be too scared to move up or try anything adventurous [like a forward pass] because he knows that he has to cover for 3 lungs. Who needs 3 lungs because all he does is run around. Looking at results, there must be something in the fact that Holt [stand-up guy, great for us in the past, don''t get me wrong] plays for Scotland and Norwich. I hope Safris ommission is due to the injury and then Ramadan factors. We shall see.

Long ball/passing style - Norwich are "famed" for their "passing style" - rubbish. This wayward remark has become cliched and accepted as fact. It may have applied to NCFC teams in particular eras, but on the evidence of this and last season [primarily when we needed to win] not to Worthys reign. The current team don''t/can''t pass to each other because there is insufficient movement (nevermind self-belief).

Formation - what the hell has been going on thus far? Maximise your chances of success by getting most of your best players in their best positions. 451: City could run with Hux up front supported by Mulryne (AMC) and the wingers (perm from Brennan, McVeigh, Bentley, Hux [if Mckenzie is striker] and Jonson]. Back 4 (can you tell what it is yet?!) Drury, Charlton, Fleming, Helveg. The remaining midfield positions are then Safri/Holt/Francis providing bodies in the middle, extra "resistance" when going backwards and allowing AMC and wingers to get up to support the lone striker when attacking.

And I agree with Twosheds on the "I''ve had enough of him" post - the team are simply not performing in any respect. Why can the team not get the basics right? For that there is only one man to blame. And thats where First Wiz''s 3 camps come in. I''m in the 3rd camp - I don''t want Worthy out, I want him to sort it out. Cos there is n

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