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The Toffees Prove Too Sticky For The Canaries...

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Hi all, I''m a long-time reader and will soon be starting a new blog on the site. As it is not set up yet, I wanted to give you a taste of what''s to come. Here is my report of today''s game.


Here''s hoping for a successful season and some fun times on this forum!

All the best lads!




Fresh in from Carrow Road, a real feeling of optimism is running through my veins. The 13,437 fans inside Carra today were treated to a feast of football, even though the majority did not get the result they wanted. Despite that, there was a great deal of encouragement for Canary fans from Paul Lambert’s side. Getting in the car and making my way to Carrow Road on a Saturday afternoon, is a fantastic feeling. You’re a mess of adrenalin, hope and intrigue, wondering what awaits through those turnstiles. Marching up the steps, to view the pitch, fills me with the greatest feeling, you know you’re here and you know what happens next!


Here we go again!!!!


Surrounded by people of all shapes and sizes, all smells and scents, we’re brought together by our love of City. Rising to our feet as our lads ventured out, pride was flowing through every one of us. We have a team to be proud off again and a future to look very forward to.


In truth, we weren’t in for the best of starts. It was rather a comedy opening from the City defence. Tim Cahill picked the ball up and pinged a shot at goal, like everyone else in the stadium, we all expected City’s new goalkeeper, John, to collect rather easily, though he made a Ruddy mistake! The ball found it’s way under his body, like a train through a tunnel. The groans of dismay that went around Carrow Road were louder than the cheers from the Toffees’ traveling army.


Robert Green anyone?


Though, in a friendly, you can force a laugh, after-all, it’s better to get these things out of the way now, rather than when it matters. City’s response was promising, a terrific block from the ancient Tony Hibbert denied Simeon Jackson his first City goal. Though, another comedy error gifted Everton a second. Elliot Ward had plenty of time as well as plenty of options, he could have hoofed it clear, a la Nelson, or played it back to Ruddy, instead he faffed about, trying to dummy past Beckford, who robbed him. Everton continued onwards, Arteta clipped a ball to Cahill, though Captain Nelson arrived on the scene. He chested the ball towards Ruddy with minimal pace, allowing Cahill to nick in and blast the ball goalwards, to be fair, Ruddy made a decent initial save, though Cahill tucked away the rebound with ease.


Keep it simple, eh lads?!


Jermaine Beckford took up his usual role of the pantomime villain when he reacted childishly to a tussle with Nelson as the half continued to throw up moments of entertainment. As half-time drew in, my thoughts were drifting between the What Ifs, the season ahead and a Muffin funnily enough! After watching the King of Spain and the Horse have a bit of schoolboy banter, the second-half strode in like Brian Clough into a TV interview. There were no changes for City and they were a rejuvenated side. Mr. Consistent, Adam Drury flew down the wing and sent in, one of the best crosses I have ever seen, there was new signing Andrew Crofts, who may be a good tip for Player of the Season, to whack a majestic header past Tim Howard. Get in there!!! 1-2!!! If we come back from this…


No, when…


It wasn’t too long to be honest before Lambert’s soaring Canaries flew to new heights with a classy equalizer. Drury again was the man with the assist, using experience and intelligence to take a quick throw-in to the breaking Andrew Surman. Surs then cut his way inside Yobo before curling a terrific shot past Howard. 2-2!!!!!


Are you watching Championship??!


As enthusiasm, delight and renewed belief flew around those in Yellow and Green, we were hauled back down to earth by a Russian rocket! Arteta, Pienaar and Bilyaletdinov combined during a smart move, before the latter lashed a shot into the top corner from twenty yards. That was Premiership class! I found myself applauding, sat in awe, before taking a few nervous glances around and deciding better off it. The Toffees wrapped things up a little while later with a goal of real cheek. As a cross flew in, Ward and Surman got in one another’s way, allowing Cahill to collect. He cheekily lobbed the ball over the committed Ruddy, before following up with an easy tap-in. The Aussie had his hattrick, although all three were gift-wrapped to him.


Perhaps my favourite moment of the afternoon was when Grant Holt made his long-awaited return. Talk about a hero’s welcome! The roars of approval that went up when the Horse galloped back onto his turf were well deserved and highlighted the man’s growing ‘cult-hero’ status. He had a few opportunities to arrive back with a goal, though shot straight at Howard. A little while later, Oli Johnson clipped the ball towards Holt at the far post, though the angle was just too tight for the Big Man to haul back the score.


The final whistle blew and City got the applause their play had deserved. Sure we hadn’t got the result, but the way we played and conducted ourselves against a Premiership side was not to be rivaled. If we match that come 6th  August, some Championship sides will really struggle against our new heroes. At the end of the day, Premiership class shone through, the, two goals were completely gifted to the Toffees!


Call it a draw anyone?

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Welcome, and very good report, what site are you doing your blog on as im looking for some writers for a blog page on my site.


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[quote user="When Saturday Comes"]Personally I think this writing style doesn''t work for football reviews, looks like you''re trying too hard to be witty and clever.

Some interesting observations though.

If reports try to be too witty then it doesn''t work, but if it is only occasionally it will be fine.

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Thanks again lads, any feedback positive or negative is much appreciated. I''d say the way this report is written is more how my blog would be written, when writing other reports I will try a different style.



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