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The first podcast of the new season came out yesterday and theres a little bit on our chances for the new season, some nice comments, and some slightly odd ones.

It''s Mark Clemmit hosting with Marc Bircham as his guest, heres a few of quotes from it on us, if you want to get it, its at: http://www.football-league.co.uk/page/Podcast/0,,10794,00.html

"The teams that came up last year were nowhere near as strong as the teams that have come up this year."

"Oli Johnson is an absolutely cracking little player"

"(Norwich) are a kind of template of how football should be."

"Only problem I see is that they had quite a few loan players last year and you have to see how that plans out."

Apart from the slightly odd last one its all very positive.

There is a bit more in the actual podcast and if you want to skip straight to us it starts about 24 minutes in.

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