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What was really concerning about the last regime was....

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Glenn Roeder was only sacked by this club because the fans were very outspoken about their dislike for him. I e-mailed Neil Doncaster two days before Roeder was sacked, obviously along with many other people, to voice my opinions on his utter disrespect of the Norwich fans.

If the fans hadn''t done this, Roeder probably wouldn''t have been sacked. The most concerning part of the last regime was their lack of football knowledge. Munby was a business man (decent bloke by all accounts, just not a football man) and Doncaster was given the CE job simply because he had a decent degree behind him, but a great lack of football knowledge.

It concerns me that this could have gone on longer than it did. Everyone was gutted when we were relegated to L1 but now, it seems, it was the best thing for us. Not saying that Gunn can take credit for that, even though he would try.

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