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Norwich boys and there World Cup song

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Has anyone heard this? I can''t download it, can anyone assist please?

Gary Francis and <p></p><p></p>Shane Hill aka Shane and Purple Dazzle, who have recorded a World Cup <p></p><p></p>song.
Gary Francis and Shane

Hill aka Shane and Purple Dazzle, who have recorded a World Cup song.

Two thirty-somethings from Norwich have written and recorded a World Cup

song they hope will make them this tournament''s Baddiel and Skinner.Shane

Hill and Gary Francis, as Shane and Purple Dazzle, recorded and

produced the 5mins 20sec song, which is at present untitled, at the

latter''s attic home studio in Newmarket Road.Father-of-three

Shane, 38, a part-time taxi driver from Gas Hill, said he was the main

England fan of the pair.He said: “I was making a football song

for my 10-year-old son Joshua, who plays football, up at Gary''s home

studio, and we just thought why not make a World Cup song as well.“I

was on Gary''s keyboard and we were doing some tunes and then it

snowballed and got more serious. Gary wrote the tune and we both came up

with the lyrics. We both rap on it.”The pair are now trying to

promote the single before the World Cup in South Africa starts next

month, and have already contacted a national newspaper to promote it.Gary,

who is unemployed but produces his own records and raps, said: “We did

it all ourselves and used a sample football crowd scene from a record.

The first verse is about the players setting off for South Africa and

arriving and then there''s the anthemic part of the tune.”

<embed <p></p><p></p>src="http://media.edp24.co.uk/en24/news/2010/Shane and Purple <p></p><p></p>Dazzle - World Cup.wma" width="300" height="68"<p></p><p></p> autostart="1" type="application/x-mplayer2" <p></p><p></p>name="MediaPlayer" showcontrols="1" <p></p><p></p>showstatusbar="1" autorewind="1" <p></p><p></p>showdisplay="0"></embed>

Comedy pair David Baddiel and Frank Skinner plus Ian Brodie of The

Lightning Seeds were responsible for Euro 96''s song Three Lions, which

became so popular it was sung by fans on the terraces. The single

achieved Platinum status, selling more than 1m copies and when

re-released in 1998 it stayed at the number one position for five

consecutive weeks.

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[quote user="City1st"]Makes you proud to be from Norfolk .........[/quote]Have you heard it ''City1st''? or are you being sarcastic? is it awful?

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I  cannot   see 30,00   english  fans  singing this in   south  africa   somehow   not  quite the  "its  coming home" song  is it ?

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