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I think Im in love with Grant

Glad To See Everyone's THIS happy..

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Glad to see everyone''s THIS HAPPY after our sucess in the league, Just got back form Charlton, and the euphoria, celebrations in London were AMAZING. Really happy we''re like this, if anyone was looking in from the outside people would never think that we had just won a league that we should NEVER HAVE BEEN IN! and that we are celebrating our return to the prem! But no, the fact is.. we''ve won a TERRIBLE league, we''re only going back to where we Should be, but the fans have been behind the club the hole way, so I only hope the club/the new men at the top (Mcnally I love you) can return all the love, dig in there wallets, and lets go Sign Kisnobo, Snodgrass, Lita, Shelvey.. fuck it. Let''s get Messi Delia! you only need to sell another 10505034304023024 billion trillion books!


So Happy, OTBC!


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