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yesterday's game

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sat next to a brilliant old man who knew EXACTLY what he was talking about, maybe a bit too harsh on Holt but even so

Defence: lack of HEIGHT - it really was a problem. At some point either the doc or better still Shackell should come in. It seems that Drury is reluctant to ever mark his man,he gives him 10 yards on the wing every time. maybe we could move Charlton out wide and bring Shackell in the middle

Midfield: Holt was pretty bad - it was ironic that the one thing he did that really stood out during the game got him injured. I was quite impressed by Helveg when he came on  - we should certainly keep him there next game. Otherwise Mulryne seemed more keen to pass it back than forward - perhaps a fault of the team rather than phil himself. Wasn''t sure about Brennan first half

Up front: Huckerby was our only decent forward first half. Sven had a pretty poor touch. Leon was quality when he came on, i do think its a problem of accomadating both he and hucks in the same team. fine, hucks could go on the left but that puts pressure on drury


finally this man talked of the time when he was at st andrews sitting at the fron in snow, we won 4-1. does anyone know when this was???

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