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So good it needs repeating

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Now, I only got to go to Swindon & MK Dons at home and Walsall away due to job commitments and that but I remember this guide being posted by a Forest fan about a year ago and it was so good I think it needs repeating. Of course, it''s easier to accept now that the boys have done good.All credit to some chap who called himself Friel

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Division One - a fan''s guide



Greetings Canaries

Assuming you dont get your get out of jail free card on Sunday and

get relegated, I''ve compiled this guide for fans of a big club on how to

survive League One, or as I affectionately call it, ''The Abyss''. As a

Forest fan, we had 3 delightful seasons down there, so I know of what I

speak. If you do get out of jail, keep this handy and read it next year,

as safety often convinces boards that all is fine and nothing changes -

there''s clearly something wrong at your club, and it often takes

relegation to shake things up so maybe in the long run its best to get

it over with.

1) Get over yourselves - Seriously, you arent the first ''big'' club to

go down to the third tier, and sadly you wont be the last. Man City,

Wednesday, Forest and Dirty Leeds all went before you - hey you''ve even

got Southampton, Charlton and (hopefully) Dirty Leeds as company, you

wont be alone like we were for the first 2 years until Dirty Leeds

joined us down there. Expect a team like Derby or Watford to follow you

next year. Sad but true.

2) Its a crap division - so get used to it, Crap teams, crap grounds,

crap crowds and unplayable quagmire pitches - and thats just August.

Worst thing is, you''ll be losing to some of these teams - you''ll be a

''scalp'', their cup final, they''ll be desperate to beat you, or they''ll

put ten men behind the ball and say ''come on then, we''re happy with a

point''. Its ***, truly ***.

3) "You''re not famous anymore" - expect to hear that alot. Best

response is "You weren''t famous anyway". If its sung at their home

ground, "here cos its Norwich, you''re only here cos its Norwich" will do

the job nicely. Should you score and make it 1-0 for example, "one nil

to the famous team, one nil to the famous team...." always goes down a

treat. If you''re losing, or have lost, just grin and bear it.

4)  Your local rivals - Will be pissing themselves, on a weekly

basis. If you lose, they''ll take the piss, if you win they''ll take the

piss "oh wow, you beat <crap team>, woohoo lol". Suck it up,

theres nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, you went down, they didnt,

they have the bragging rights and you will just have to live with it -

think about it, what would you do if roles were reversed,? Exactly the

same - Your only hope is that they get a flukey promotion to the

premiership, get utterly found out and become the worst team in history -

this strategy worked quite well for us.

5) Ok pop quiz - Its late february, you''re a few points off the

playoffs - lower than you expected to be after a dodgy run of results,

you have a home game against a bottom 6 side thats shipped goals all

season, its half time and its goalless. What do you do? a) hope for

better in the second half, go and get a pie. b) boo your team off

becuase you should be turning teams like this over in your sleep. If

you chose b, you are a cock. This isnt the Ryman premier, you;re not

playing pub sides, these are professional players playing for

professional teams, and theyre not going to roll over cos you once

played in Europe. You''re not going to win every game 4-0, youre not

going to win every game period. So what if you only beat yeovil 1-0 with

a lucky 87th minute penalty, at least you won. If you''re losing 3-0 at

half time then fine, boo away, they deserve it, but booing your team

because it isnt men against boys is just gay. Treat every goal, and

every win as a bonus, not a given. Some fans expect too much - dont be

such a fan.6) Promotion is the sweetest - think it was great

going up to the prem? Thats nothing from the feeling of getting out of

Division one. There are benefits to losing out on promotion to the

premiership - you get to play in the championship, and that means

watching your team play on a saturday afternoon, no ridiculous ticket

prices and being part of a genuine league as opposed to a cartel of four

sides with sixteen others who just dont want to go down. There are no

benefits to losing out on promotion to the championship from

Div 1, and when promotion comes the joy is augmented by bucketfuls of

utter relief. Our promotion day against Yeovil on the final day matched

any from the European days for atmosphere and pure jizz-my-pantsness.

Promotion will come eventually, it is inevitable, Division One is like a

septic tank - its full of crap but eventually the big chunks rise to

the top.

Now go my son, tread the oft-worn path of a big club in Division One,

and when you return to the championship - for return you surely will -

may you be a better fan for it.

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