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Birmingham Ratings

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Green (7) - Looked uncomfortable taking crosses early on, but had little help from defence. Solid shot-stopping, with one exceptional save.

Edworthy (7) - Coped well down the right and has to be one of Worthy''s best buys  

Fleming (6) - Gave Heskey and Morrisson too much space. made some vital blocks at the end of the game

Charlton (6) - Similar to Fleming, improved in the second half

Drury (6) - Allowed Melchiot space to cross for the goal. Still unsure if he possessess the authority to be captain. Had minor spat with Charlton.

Brennan (6) - Brought in to double up on Gronkjaer, but plan back-fired when Gronkjaer failed to start. not a bad game.

Holt (5) - Looked lost

Mulryne (6) - Not as influential as last week, but appears to have toughened up when the tackles fly in

Bentley (6) - Workmanlike performance, had a good dual with Dunn, and crossed for the goal

Huckerby (7) - Biggest threat, got the goal. Needs to be calmer in front of goal.

Svennson (7) - Some nice touches and won his fair share of headers


Helveg (6) - Only lost the ball once, looked strong in the air

Mckenzie (7) - Constant threat when he came on, should have started.

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green=8, kept us in game!

drury=6, wasnt one of his best

fleming7,carrying on from where he left off

charlton=7,just trys his hardest every week

bentley=7,when we had to keep ball to relieve pressure he did it

mulryne=7, was good at bringing ball down and finding pass

holt=6, mind was elsewhere

brennan=6,isnt premiership

huckerby=7,missed a sitter-scored a sitter, constant threat when moved to wing

svensson=8, motm-was really good, put himself about like he was heskey in 2nd half

mckenzie=8, why didnt he start? but what can i say-legend

helveg=7, will need a run of games to impress, was though in the shgort time he had

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