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Want to re-live the City/Charlton match again on TV?

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Posters in the Western hemisphere with access to Fox Soccer Plus can see the full match between 4.00-6.00 am (yep am!!) Eastern Time this Thursday morning.

Unfortunately I was without internet access for a few days including Saturday and had to rely on following the match on BBC text commentary on my mobile - albeit with my feet on the sea wall soaking in the view and listening to the sea breaking gently on the reefs!!! Or reduced to watching it on the wireless as some would have it![:''(]

Anyway, I see that Fox previously carried the match on Sunday and Monday, so maybe I am late with my good news.

My discovery was quite unexpected as I was just scanning Fox to see if they were covering the Hull vs Aston Villa match today (which they are), so I will have something preferable to watch than the other Champions League semi-final.

Anyway, excellent work by Bowkett, McNally, Lambert and the lads in getting us out of the Third Division at the first attempt. Well done indeed. Now for the hard part - using the promotion momentun to get us on and up into the top tier.

On The Ball City!!!!!!



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[quote user="matt crowhurst"]how do you access Fox soccer plus? is it available on sky?

It''s available on many cable networks in the western hemisphere.

Don''t know about UK/Europe though. Sorry. Maybe Bet365 could help if you called as I understand that they carried the match live on Saturday.


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