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My solution and help the club! :)

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Im going to back millwall at 7/4 (odds to go go tomorrow for auto promo..at moment only promo ..which includes p.o winners.and is 10/11) ..At £300 and also do a double on  millwall to beat hudders and charlton to beat us at combined odds of  5.5/1 (11/2) ..at £50..so if the unthinkable happens,i will donate my winnings,less stake back to the club either directly or by merchandise and imagine if 10,000 of us did the same! Really help the pot for next year and we could still go up through playoffs!..and if the probable happens then we are all happy anyway and it only cost us a decent meal out! :)...

Got idea as mate as done this before loads of times,the 1st being the 2002 play off final where he backed brum at 6/5 £400 and it helped clear the depression,and went towards a season ticket for his girlfriend.

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