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What an AWFUL team selection

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I could taste defeat as soon as I saw that completely uninspiring team selection by Lambert. Has he lost his golden touch? Did anybody else not feel this?  As soon as we lost Holt I knew we would need an overhaul, lets hope it happens before Charlton. Who would I have picked? Who would I pick on Saturday assuming that Hoolohan is not fit?....... well.....


Spillane    Askou      Doherty      Drury

Smith       Hughes     Russell       McNamee

               Martin      McDonald

Subs: Whoever

A complete change is the only way that we will have a chance of salvaging our promising season. Oli Johnson on the right? Lappin on the left? That crap Irishman up front? Against a team playing for their lives? Give me a break......

About time the coaching staff made some tough decisions, urgently.

We lost that game before it had even started last night.




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