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Horse Manure

Leeds Hooligans in the 70's - Kid Beaters

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I may be showing my age here but some things obviously never change. As a kid in the mid to late seventies my dad took me and my brother to Norwich v Leeds. I think we lost 1-0 and were in the old South Stand near to the away fans who were then in the present Barclay end. Although there were no official family areas in those days, it was well recognised as a place where it was safe to take kids. On leaving the ground where the hotel now stands, big iron gates were opened to let us out and about 500 Leeds scum came charging in and started picking on a fella with a young son and looking for a fight. I was only about 7 or 8 at the time and it was about my fifth match ever but i''ll never forget the sight. Don''t know who decided to open the gates with all the Leeds fans lining up outside, (probably the police). Does anyone else remember this game?

Judging by the state of some of the ''hoolies'' yesterday, there were probably some who were there all those years ago as some of them looked old enough to draw pensions. (Don''t these old men look ridiculous in Stone Island and Burberry). I saw no trouble, but Lloyds before the match was the best atmosphere i have seen for years and while the game wasn''t a classic, the last five minutes were priceless

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