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Other Clubs Season Tickets

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Just a thought...............how do we compare with other clubs in the seaeon ticket sales stakes? Obviously the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool etc are a different league, but wuld be interesting to know how other clubs encourage sales & what kind of numbers they sell before beginning of new season.

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This question actually really intrigued me so thought I''d look into it. Here are the figures I found. I tried to find out the prices in the family areas for each club for the top four (currently) in the top three divisions. Some clubs made it difficult to find out their season ticket prices (Arsenal and Man City) so used Liverpool and Spurs instead.

Manchester United - A=£646, OAP=£323, JUN=£190

Chelsea - A=£635, OAP=£320, JUN=£320

Liverpool - A=£673, OAP=£505, JUN=£337

Spurs - A=£760, OAP=£320, JUN=£300

Newcastle - A=£300, OAP= , JUN=£100

West Brom - A=£349, OAP=£229, JUN=£49

Nottingham Forest - A=£299, OAP=£159, JUN=£89

Swansea City - A=£459, OAP=£299, JUN=£199

Norwich City - A=£373, OAP=£214, JUN=£61.50

Leeds United - A=£400, OAP=£305, JUN=£175

Charlton Athletic - A=£425, OAP=£300, JUN=£75

Colchester United - A=£357, OAP=£249, JUN=£179

The Percentage savings for each team

Manchester United - Adult - OAP 50% saving

Adult - Junior 71% saving

Chelsea - Adult - OAP 50.4% saving

Adult - Junior 50.4% saving

Liverpool - Adult - OAP 25% saving

Adult - Junior 50% saving

Spurs - Adult - OAP 58% saving

Adult - Junior 61% saving

Newcastle - They have a deal where you get an adult and junior ticket for £400 so was difficult to find out the seperate prices or OAP prices in the family stand.

West Brom - Adult - OAP 35% saving

Adult - Junior 86% saving

Nottingham Forest - Adult - OAP 47% saving

Adult - Junior 71% saving

Swansea - Adult - OAP 35% saving

Adult - Junior 57% saving

Norwich - Adult - OAP 43% saving

Adult - Junior 84% saving

Leeds - Adult - OAP 24% saving

Adult - Junior 57% saving

Charlton - Adult - OAP 30% saving

Adult - Junior 83% saving

Colchester - Adult - OAP 31% saving

Adult - Junior 50% saving.

So to look at it with these handful of teams, Leeds United rip off their OAPs with only a 24% reduction in price, with the Scousers hot on their heels with only a 25% reduction.

West Brom are the most rewarding to their next generation of supporters with a whopping 86% reduction, with us and Charlton close behind with 84% and 83% reductions respectively.

I''m not surprised we''re that high in the Junior percentage but I don''t see this as a bad thing. They are the future of this club and the junior prices have certainly played a major major part in the attendances we have at Carrow Road.

Was also pretty surprised by Swansea''s season ticket prices but each club to their own I guess.

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