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Is it Worthy or is it ten years?

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I think it is about time for my few wise words!!! ;oD

I think that people are looking too much to Worthington to provide all of the answers we need to keep us premiership. But I dont think he is a miracle worker! I think that he has done incredibly well with what he has got. If you dont think so then you ought to look at the prices he pays for players and the results he is getting from them.

Gary Holt = £100k a bargin

Damian Francis = £250k(i think) a real bargin

No, I dont think that much of the way things have gone can be put down to Worthington. Remember he has been after more and possibly better players and either been priced out or lost with a battle with another club, I would argue this would probably be down to contract terms and money offered to agents.

At the beggining of the season so many of us had accepted that staying up was going to be inredibly tough and hard to do. If we finnished 17th we would be happy. Otherwise we would go down and then back up just like Charlton has done before us.

I think the biggest problem is that people are disolusioned to think that one 15-20 goal a season striker will solve all of our problems. It is simply not the case. Read all of the match reports, look into the detail a little further than the goals for column. We need to create the chances for the goals to come and it seems that it is that that is letting us down.

I dont think it is worth pumping all the transfer money into one player unless he is proven, and I mean proven quality. The problem with that is the wage side of things. Not only might he brake the wage structure but it is possible that the wages could damage us if we do possibly go down at the end of the season.

I think it may be worth saving the money and gathering what interest we can on it and use it to address strengthening our position in the summer. Whether that be to sustain another campaign in the premiership or to thrash out a new squad to get us straight back up.

No we are not far away from being premiership survivalists but not far is two or three players. Thats possibly one or two players at least more than we can afford. My shopping list would be for another defender, with both height and pace, a winger that has pace and ability to undo defences, and a striker that is capable of getting the new chances into the net.

Ten years is a long time, much has changed along with the amounts of money flying around. Whilst the lower leagues havent really changed in prices for players much things have changed in the top league one hell of a lot. Our squad is also relatively small in comparison to most other clubs, even Chrystal Palace have thirty something players!

Lastly I do think we can stay up but we need to have 20 points half way through the season. Thats twenty points from 19 games. I havent given up hope but the chances are growing slimmer by the day and I doubt very much that one £1.2 million player is going to change things a great deal. I really do hope that I am proven wrong . . . . . .

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