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For everyone who is bashing the NCFC board I would like to ask you this:

Would you risk the financial future of Norwich City on somebody who has wasted money left, right and centre on the likes of Easton, Rivers, Emblem, Abbey, Doherty, Jonsson, Libbra, Nielsen, Briggs, Safri and dare I say it... Svensson?

Now before you all shout "GIVE THEM A CHANCE" to the ''new'' players I''ve mentioned there, I realise that some of them do need a chance to bed in but going on what we''ve seen/they''ve done so far nobody can surely argue these have been poor signings (purely on their performances so far)

Its fine moaning at the board but they''re are not spending it for a reason (because they haven''t got it probably) and with Worthy''s somewhat hit and miss transfer record I can''t say I blame them. I just don''t trust him in the transfer market... do you?

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