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Success on the field of play...

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In a way I guess this is a nice problem to have?

My son’s birthday is 17th April and we usually go to a NCFC away game around that time to celebrate. This year we play Charlton away – perfect! The team is performing well – perfect! You can order tickets before the game – perfect! There is a system in place called a ‘ballot’ which determines if the birthday boy can actually have any tickets for him and his mates – not quite so perfect!

I understand the priority order thing; we missed out on Colchester away with that – but honestly, it’s looking tricky to organise a simple day out for a passionate Norwich supporter at the moment!

My son will be 13 that day he’s a season ticket holder (since he was 6), he’s been a match day mascot, he’s played for the club at Academy level, he plays in the same club side as a former NCFC player’s son who will come with us to Charlton providing we get the tickets etc etc …but we have to see if we win the damn NCFC ticket allocation lottery first!

Ticket restriction directly relates to success on the field of play so we can''t have it all ways I suppose?


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