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Haha! This cracked me up! (off the BBC website)

Soccer fans refuse to board train
A rail company says a number of Ipswich Town fans refused to board one of its trains because it bore the name of Norwich City director Delia Smith.

The fans were trying to get from Cambridge to Ipswich to see the Blues play Brighton last Saturday.
They refused to board One Anglia''s "Delia Smith" service.
The operator says it has a number of trains named after local celebrities including the former Ipswich Town manager Sir Alf Ramsey.

Does it really matter if you ride on a train named after a board member of your local rivals? It is just a name and means absolutely nothing...how many of us would care if we rode on Sir Alf Ramsey? (no innuendo intended!)
This is as, if not more petty than Norwich city council pulling down trees on Earlham because the conkers might fall on someone (or any of the other laughable bureaucratic money wasting schemes they have implemented over the years).

On a local news site to Birmingham, a new sponsor is being lined up for Villa which is perhaps a landmark in the world of sponsorship deals...Hustler the porn magazine want to sponsor them from 2006. For those that do not know, Britain''s largest sex shop superstore is on one of the main shopping streets here in Birmingham. Does that mean the players will be supplied with products from the store...???

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