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Lambert's reaction

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He keeps speaking positively about what his squad has achieved. That''s the right way to go, to get the best out of your players. I know there were some bad performances yesterday (Rose,...) and that the midfield didn''t gell perfectly well. I too did not understand why Korey wasn''t in the team, etc...  But what the hell are people moaning about? We won the game!

It''s true that we will have to up our game when the tougher teams come along. But every team goes through a little blip. I feel we''re doing that now, but we still won our game! The crowd got behind the team and we roared them home!
I hope Witbread and Drury come back sooner rather than later, cause we''re definitely missing something at the back, as well as in midfield. Who can even think about putting Wes on the bench, he''s quality in this league and you can''t expact him to be on form every single game! Same for our strikers, although I would give Oli a chance next game as he deserves that based on his performance. We kept on believeing and got the result although we didn''t play great.

I still believe in this team. They''re showing resiliance even when it doesn''t flow as it should do.

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