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If you’re shocked we didn’t win yesterday you’re a fool.

If you’re not thoroughly pi$$ed of about yesterdays result

then what wrong with you WE LOST

If you were convinced that we’d not lose again this season

have a word with yourself

If you were convinced that we’d lose several more games this

season. Why we’re the mighty Canaries

If you think Lappin has a god given right to be in the team

just because he’s loyal you’re an idiot.

If you think he should be dropped after one really bad game

you’re an idiot.

If you think the Doc is not going to make big mistakes that

cost goal you’re blinkered

If you don’t think he’s been our best centre back this term

you are mad.

If you thought after the opening game of the season we were relegation

fodder you are potty

If you thought after the first game of the season we’d still

get promoted you were crazy.


What did or do I think all of the above at times at others

none and most of the time some.


Truth is we are unsure what to think at times because of the

rollercoaster period we have had over the last few years.


The damage done yesterday was minimal so lets regroup as a

team and as fans and get this job done. Promotion which every way it comes it

the goal and we are still well on track.



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