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Guess the crowd- Col Who v Sarfend

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[quote user="......and Smith must score."][quote user="evertoniancolufan"][quote user="ncfc4life"]Complete and utter joke. You would think they would at least sell out for their derby match but to only get 6000 or whatever it was is a complete joke. Dont understand why they think of themselves as such a big club as they really are a mickeymouse clun[/quote]??? I think thats just Norwich who think of themselves as a big club, Col U are a small club and we know that, the attendance was small yesterday because the game was on live TV and was on a monday night. A lot of our fanbase are casual fans who would have rather saved the money last night and watch it on TV, since it is very rare that we appear live on tele. If that game was on Saturday at 3pm then the attendance would have been around 9,000. The stadium looked half empty because the camera faces the East Stand, tickets for the first half of the East Stand do not go on sale unless it needs to be so the stand was half empty. The West Stand would have been nearly full and the South Stand was full, Southend didn''t even sell their allocation out which they normally do. Why is our attendance and fanbase of significant importance to you? Who cares? You clearly enjoy bragging about yours but you only get 25,000 because you''re in the middle of nowhere with no other Football League clubs anywhere near. Your main rivals are 40 miles away ffs![/quote]It is true that you are on TV very rarely but wouldn''t more fans have wanted to be there live and watch the recording later ? Whoever heard of wanting to save money when it''s a derby match ? There''s plenty of other less appealing fixtures to avoid and the age-old argument of '' can''t afford two matches a week '' doesn''t cut much ice when you hadn''t played since the previous Tuesday and Southend hadn''t been in action since 30th January. We can only take your educated guess that around 9000 fans would''ve bothered had it been a Saturday game with reasonable weather but I somehow doubt it.Your point regarding our location is an interesting one. As far as I''m aware - and I may be corrected on this - you have two Football League teams, Ipswich and Southend in close proximity. The alternate attractions of either is questionable. Colchester have enjoyed a relatively successful season so far, with every chance of a play-off place at the end of it. Not so Southend. Ipswich have endured a miserable time of it since dear old Roy arrived. The football is played at a higher level, true, but I''d hazard a guess that the '' Keane factor '' would''ve well and truly worn off by now on any floating fans who might have been tempted away from Cuckoo Farm this season.Whatever slant is put on it I''m confident that any Third Division clubs playing a local derby in a stadium with a capacity of 10,000 or so would be very disappointed if they drew a crowd of under 7000, with or without live TV.[/quote]Its not just Ipswich and Southend we have to compete with, its Arsenal, Tottenham and West Ham as well. Colchester is only a very small town and the rest of Essex seem oblivious to Col U''s existance with almost everyone supporting a top 4 club, Spurs or WHU. I was one of those fans who decided not to go last nite and watch it on the TV, its not a huge derby match, Ipswich is far bigger and our recent game against you was of far greater importance. My educated guess is based on last year''s attendance for a game where we were midtable, whereas this year we are competing for promotion and have larger gates than last year. We got 8651 at the same time of year so I''d imagine it would have been slightly higher for this season.

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