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mat gore

Team selection

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Nigel does indeed have a happy headache when Francis, McKenzie, Mulryne etc are fit again.  Personally, though I don''t think its that hard.  A winning team shouldn''t be drastically changed, especially one that played so well.  The basic formation was excellent.  This could be one of those happy accidents that makes a campaign (remember Ramsey''s wingless wonders only played that way due to injuries in the group stages).

If theres one change it would be to bring back Francis (if he is fit) for his extra goal threat.  If thats to happen then I would drop Fleming to the bench and move Helveg back to central defence.

With Doherty''s height and Helveg''s experience we would have a formidable (if a little slow) defence that could PASS the ball.

What a nice feeling to be happy on a Saturday night !!

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