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William Darby

4 more wins

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[quote user="kdncfc"]Eleven wins should guaranttee promotion.[/quote]

I remember a quote from the early 90s - might even have been Mike Walker.  In a nutshell its setting yourself reachable targets, one stage at a time.  At the moment we have 60 points, with another 54 to play for

So target 1 - avoid relegation and avoid giving Cluck a stiffy in the process. 
4 go down in this league - so the traditional 50 point mark is probably more like 55.  We''ve got there

Target 2 - will be to make the playoffs
75 is the normal level in the Championship - presume its the same here?  More like 80 to get 4th or 3rd and a home game 2nd leg

Target 3 - Automatic Promotion
90 will usually get you there although it probably wont this season.  93 or 94 probably more like it. 

Target 4 - Win the league
Its going to be 95+ this year.  I think the top 3 or 4 will be close together - Us, Leeds, Charlton and Col Who

Target 5 - the 100 point barrier
Norwich have never got there.  I think this is probably our best ever chance.  Likewise the 100 goals - our previous best was 99......

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