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I am a Banana

Re: Quite a few green and yellow scarves

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[quote user="I am a Banana"]their clubs original colours when they were newton heath [;)][/quote]This is it, it''s an Anti-Glazer protest about the ownership of the club being in poor hands.

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It''s really beginning to annoy me now that they''re doing this. If they

want to support Newton Heath then support them, not Man U!! Good call

though about them being glory hunters, they want to support a club who

is soaring high on top of the league!!!

What got me during last night''s match is the corner of morons wearing

them when Bellamy got hit by an object thrown from the crowd. Those

couple of ''fans'' having a go and gesticulating at him wearing the

yellow and green could have foxed those seeing it on SSN, thinking they

were Canaries berating a former player! We''d never be harsh towards


Plain and simply, Man U fans just don''t know how good they''ve got it.

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Perhaps for our next home game all those who want to protest against our owners could wear red & white scarves. They''d stand out more than yellow & green ones [:S]


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