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To calwhateverdum..

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So you think we base our greatness on beating b.munich? ...Apart from 2 league cup wins,3 wembley finals,3 fa semi finals,finishing in european uefa spots4 times,but due to scouses only being allowed in 1..3rd in prem which was just after the back pass to keeper rule came in,so as sky used to say,a different ball game(as i keep reminding my spurs mates,not interested in your 62 title,come back when you have finished 3rd in prem)...almost 100,000 turning out for 2nd tier championship,with thousands complaining they coudnt make it as it was on a mon night and not the tradional sunday..But non of these are the reason why i and thousands support this club,we aint up our own rear end,we have a tradtion of playing attractive football and we are loyal(losing 7.1 yet how many turned up midweek at a ground how many miles away!)..Yet from your neck of the woods all we hear is"we beat leeds in the fa cup once yonks ago" ....Ps thousands of us love our board,and delia.....Rant over :)

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