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Normann Canary

It's neo-duplication my friends, neo-duplication...

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Why can''t people bother to read the the existing posts before starting new one on a subject that''s already been started, debated and more or less concluded...

I dont know why, buts it an utter disgrace...

Sorry people and Making Plans...., the parent thread was asking for it!!

I actually have to go against my morals and agree with Fool on this one, it is democracy, and people can post whatever they like. Quite often things get posted, like this one, after the hours of moderation, so a couple of threads of the same nature come on line in the morning together. Also just as often, with an overload of new topics, original threads get pushed back, and posters often miss the original thread, there are many reasons that this occurs...

And who hasn''t read the first page of a thread about a player, then skipped to the third/fourth page and wondered "who the hell posted this essay on "''arry pot''a"?

Threads get hijacked, the plot is lost and sometimes they need to be re-addressed

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