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Darel Russell

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When Russell was first here I was disappointed when he left but last season, like most, he was very poor. The sending off against Preston cost us dear. At the start of this season after his ''move'' to Burnley collapsed I had little time for a player I once rated.

However I just wanted to take the time to say that Russell''s current form has been fantastic, this was encapsulated by his performence yesterday. His ball winning, passing, experience, organisation and simply the drive he gives from the midfield is so crucial for the team. While others are deservedly getting the headlines, to borrow jose mourinho quote russell is ''the battery to our watch''. Lets hope we can keep hold of him because he could certainly play in the premiership, because without him I think we would suffer.

I would also just like to thank Mr Cowling and Colchester United for making my friends and I so welcome in the home end, what a day!



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